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National Health Insurance General Information (외국인 유학생 국민건강보험)

공지사항 게시물 : 상세, 작성자, 작성일, 조회수, 첨부파일 정보를 제공
작성자 국제교류처 작성일 2021/04/12 조회수 140510

Any international students who is staying in Korea holding a specific visa (listed below) is subject to a mandatory subscription to National Health Insurance from March 1, 2021. According to the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS), the generic cost for international students is around KRW 43,490 ($40); the exact cost will be available on your monthly bills. Once you enroll, you can receive various benefits including dental and oriental medical treatment, health checkups, and pregnancy and childbirth-related medical expenses as the Korean citizens receive.

Enrollment Time 

Visa Type

Enrollment Time

Overseas study (D-2),

Elementary/Middle/High school students (D-4-3)

First entry ® Alien registration date

Re-entry Re-entry date

General training (D-4)

Six months after the entry date

Overseas Korean students and foreign nationality Korean students

On the date of admission into a school (if a copy of the proof of enrollment is submitted)

* No action is required from studnets, as they are automatically subscribed to health insurance by the NHIS.



  Monthly contributions for international students for 2021: KRW 43,490 (for those who subscribe on March 1) comprising.

  Due Date: The payment for the next month is due by the 25th of the current month (pre-payment)

        (Example) Payment for April 2021 ® payable by March 25, 2021 (billed around the 10th of each month)

  Payment method: Automatic transfer (bank account, credit/debit card), website, NHIS bank branch, and bank



Health insurance bills are sent to the temporary place of residence reported to the immigration office or branch office. If you want to change your temporary place of residence, you must report the moving-in notification to the si/gun/gu office of the new temporary place of residence or the immigration office with jurisdiction over the new temporary place of residence. If you apply for the electronic billing service, you can receive health insurance bills via email or smartphone.

  How to apply for electronic billing service: Call (033-811-2000), NHIS website, NHIS branch office


Insurance benefits

Various benefits are available, including dental and traditional Korean medical treatment, health checkups, and pregnancy and childbirth-related medical expenses (National Haengbok Card)

The above is inapplicable to non-covered items, such as treatment for diseases that do not affect work or daily life such as plastic surgery.



  Restriction on health insurance benefits: health insurance benefits at medical care institution are unavailable form the first day of the month following the payment deadline until the payment is fully paid.

  Restriction on visa extension: If your missing-payments are accumulated up to KRW 500,000 (KRW 100,000 for other collection arrears), your stay in Korea may not be extended by the Korea Immigration Office.



NHIS Website:

Call: 1577-1000 (Korean), 033-811-2000 (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Uzbek)

공지사항 게시물 : 다음글 제목, 현재글 제목, 이전글 제목 정보를 제공, 제목을 누르면 게시물의 상세페이지로 이동
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